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This evokes different visual perspectives of elements to all. For me the best design has a foundation of purpose. Building on this foundation is a defining moment in the process. The choices can be many, but the direction should reflect the person living and present in the space. 

The Journey

My training didn’t just start in school. It started as a young girl. Tirelessly working on furniture and art placement, constantly organization all things a 10-year-old cared about. Many color directions took a life of their own. That’s where my mind spent time. That’s where a foundation begun to form.


In college math and art always went hand in hand for me. Scale, texture, and color became a road map. 


I honed many skills while working as a buyer for Nordstrom. Managing various styles and trends while always keeping an eye on the classics instilled an appreciation for the new and the old. Coordinating different vendors and their strengths has helped me communicate and work with the trades that ultimately bring a design to life.  


I set out to launch my design business in 2000. I bring to the table a sincere desire to bring a space to definition for the persons utilizing it.  The balance of form and function is always in play. I strive to bring function to form. We all deserve a beautiful space to allow for peace and contentment.  

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